Welcome to the photography festival everyone waits for! At Black Hills Photo Shootout, folks from all over the country flock to South Dakota to revel in sightseeing, photography, camaraderie, seminars, talks and a whole lot of fun. This event is not just about photography but also to showcase the picturesque beauty of South Dakota. But, don’t worry the pros will be there too and they will be revealing their stories as well as secrets that can help you become a better photographer.

The Shootout is entirely managed and organized by Outdoor Photo Workshops along with the help of photography pros across the country. This partnership allows the event to attract a lot of experts and instructors with varying backgrounds and expertise. Many happen to be tour leaders, workshop holders and they come together for a common cause – to promote photography and the beauty of South Dakota.

We have all of our special types vehicles on the land, available to be used by the general public. We will be looking to teach courses relating to vehicles such as Forklifts, Diggers, Bulldozers, Cranes and Telehandlers. This particular year will be themed around special types vehicles. Rest assured, we do have special types insurance in place to cover these vehicles (provided by One Sure), and have comprehensive Forklift Insurance and Bulldozer Insurance in place.

Why South Dakota?

Well, the obvious answer is because it was the first place where the meet took place. However, the reason why we stuck with South Dakota through the years is because of the Black Hill area. This region is a natural gem for nature and outdoor photography. With an abundant wildlife, amazing scenery and the merger of old meets new west, it forms the best platform to learn and experience pure photography.

Instead of keeping this little gem to ourselves, we decided to showcase the wonders of South Dakota to the whole world and the Black Hills Photo Shootout is how we have strived to do so. The residents just like visitors hold their breath year round for when the event happens. With amazing informative workshops, an opportunity to network and plenty of outdoor subjects – this is one event you do not want to miss.