Shootout FAQs

Who Can Register for The Shootout?

If you have an interest in photography then you are welcome to register. While many sessions are geared exclusively for amateur photographers, advanced amateurs too will find them useful. The workshops are designed to allow all attendees mingle regardless of their level and exposure so you may end up learning more from the workshops even if you consider yourself to be a pro.

What Is the Registration Fees and What Is Included in It?

The fee is $200 and it comes with the 4 key workshop pass, access to the keynote speech on Friday and the Saturday, Sunday lunch time events. This does not include the cost of lodging, food, portfolio reviews or transportation. Other add-ons and additional roundups are not included. You can find more information on our REGISTRATION page.

Any Souvenirs Included?

While we do not give out free souvenirs for the event, you can order a discounted Shootout t-shirt when you register. Just order up before September so you can pick it up the moment you check-in or have it shipped to your beforehand. The number of t-shirts are limited this year and so if you really want one, better pre-order it during registration. We are giving away a juicer though courtesy of Kitchen Reviews Direct!

Any Transportation Available in The Package?

No, sorry transportation is entirely your prerogative. Many participants do pool up and plan their visit so find others coming to the event from our Facebook page and talk to them on how you can all get together to reduce costs of transportation. We however provide directions for all our workshop events to help you out.

Are All Classes Held in the Same Venue?

Majority of our workshops and classes will center around the University in Rapid City. It will be the hub for the Shootout. However, the Dahl Center will handle registrations and the Friday Keynote presentation. Outdoor sessions will be peppered in and around the University Center, with the distance being no more than fifteen minutes’ drive from the center.

What About My Stay?

Please arrange your living arrangements before you arrive for the event. The sooner you make your arrangements the cheaper and easier it will be to find one. The event attracts a lot of crowd and you want to be ideally as close as possible to all the venues for the Shootout. We do have discounted rooms for participants reserved at the Sleep Inn & Suites, right across the University Center. Please get in touch personally to get our discount but you still have to do the booking directly with the Inn.