The locations and directions to all workshops and sessions will be disclosed once finalized and provided in print at check-in. However, do keep in mind that the University Center will feature as the main hub for most sessions and workshops (at most 15 minutes’ drive away from the University Center). Outdoor sessions will be a little distance away from the Center but never more than an hour’s drive.

  • The timings for each workshop will also be finalized and revealed at check-in but expect most to be in broad daylight and early in the morning.
  • All outdoor workshops in the field are led by experienced personnel and the instructors will have proper knowledge of the locality as well as on specific topics for the session.
  • Studio workshops are held indoors in a classroom type of setting. They will be held in the University classrooms.
  • Special events or non-workshop events are to be held downtown but the exact locations will be given at check-in.